The new unified Microsoft Whiteboard experience is coming to Surface Hub this month

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Whiteboard

According to a blog post by Microsoft, the new Microsoft Whiteboard should be rolling out this month through Windows update. The tentative date for the release to Surface Hub is set to be between February 14 and 28. Users with access to Surface and Surface Hub 2S devices will have access to the new Whiteboard upon its release.

The new Whiteboard has been reconfigured to match the needs of a hybrid workplace, not forgetting that it now comes fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. With the update, users can now share the Whiteboard within the platform with full access to all its features,

For Surface Hub devices, the automatic update is set to take effect anywhere between February, 28 and March, 15. It is expected to run smoothly and provide a similar experience as it does on other devices, however, some features will not be accessible. Also, the mode of sharing Whiteboards outside of Microsoft Teams is subject to change.

Another major change to be expected, is Microsoft Whiteboard moving to OneDrive from Azure. this is scheduled to take effect as part of the global phased rollout from March 15 to April 15.

With this transition, here are some of the features you will now have access to:

  • See who’s actively collaborating in real-time or who made the last edit.
  • See other people on the board and what they’re working on (using collaborative cursors).
  • Use familiar sharing features found in other Office products.
  • Point a laser to draw attention to something on the whiteboard.
  • Find your whiteboards on
  • View and restore previous versions of a whiteboard.
  • Recover deleted whiteboards from the Recycle Bin.

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