The Microsoft Store has all but given up selling Windows Phones (depending on your browser)

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The Microsoft Store has made it harder to find Windows phones to buy on their website (via Neowin). Microsoft has redesigned their website and Windows phones are no longer a part of the main Microsoft Store website.

Neowin notes that you need to follow these steps to locate a Windows phone to buy:

  1. Click on the Special Offers drop-down menu, and then on ‘Sale’.
  2. Select the ‘Phone Sale’ link in the secondary menu, which will show you a page with a handful of devices and accessories.
  3. Then click on the ‘All phones’ link to view the full range of handsets available.

However, one thing that Neowin does not mention is if the experience is universal when using different browsers when viewing the Microsoft Store website.

I found that your Microsoft Store experience varies based on the browser that you choose to use. If you are using Google Chrome, Windows phones are not clearly visible on the main Microsoft Store website (see screenshot below).

Microsoft Store, Google, Chrome

But, if you are using Microsoft Edge, you can easily find Windows phones on the main Microsoft Store page, under “More Devices,” and then “Mobile” (see screenshot below).

Microsoft, Microsoft Store, Edge

Thus, Microsoft hasn’t completely given up on selling Windows phones. What browser you use makes a big difference on what Microsoft wants you to see and buy from the Microsoft Store.

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