The latest update to Vivaldi browser for Windows, Mac or Linux brings several tab enhancements

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Alternative web browser Vivaldi has just received a new update that could make it a more attractive option for power users out there. Indeed, several new features are being introduced with Vivaldi 1.6 including tab notifications and other tab enhancements, with all of them being designed to “put the users in charge of their browsing experience,” explained the Finnish company.

With tab notifications (a first for web browsers according to the company), users can get notified about changes and new content in both pinned and regular tabs. “This works particularly well on messaging and social media websites where Vivaldi counts the numbers disclosed in the page title and highlights them as an overlay icon on the tab,” added the company.

The latest update to Vivaldi browser for Windows, Mac or Linux brings several tab enhancements - - December 15, 2016

This new version also allow users to rename tab stacks, making it easier to organize websites with similar content. Another handy new feature is the ability to select multiple tabs by their domain by pressing Ctrl and double-clicking on one of the tabs. Selected tabs can then be grouped together, bookmarked or opened in another browser window.

Here are other highlights from this new release:

  • Save open tabs as a session to easily remember and organize multiple sessions.
  • Nickname each bookmark for faster access.
  • View two or more webpages through tab stack tiling.
  • Search for Details with quick commands. Activate it with F2 key or ⌘ + E on macOS and stay close to the keyboard.
  • Navigate in faster strides with Forward or Rewind buttons.
  • Be in control – enable or disable just about any feature.
  • Add almost any search engine to the search box with a right click.
  • Customize the appearance and change the color of the interface as you browse.

Vivaldi 1.6 is now available to download on Windows, macOS and Linux, sound off in the comments if you think all these new features could be useful to you.

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