The latest update to Dropbox for Windows 10 brings new UI features

According to a series of tweets by Rudy Huyn, Staff Engineer at Dropbox, the upcoming version of Dropbox for Windows 10 brings several new UI features apart from the usual optimizations and bug fixes.

As per the company, grid view was one of the popular demands by the users, and the latest update brings a new ‘grid view’ although with an interesting take on the same. This new view style provides a segmented view grouping photos and videos into a grid and files and folders, as well as upload progress, into a list. This would allow you to manage your multimedia content as well as files and folders in a unified and seamless interface.

Other UI improvements include better adaptive design, more animations, as well as blur effect. Also, the links in comments are now clickable. Since the app is based on UWP, there is better support for Xbox controllers in this version.

The latest update – version 4.5 – of the Dropbox app has been submitted to the Windows Store, although hasn’t yet reflected on the store at the time of writing. When it becomes available, you can download from the link below.

Developer: Dropbox Inc.
Price: Free
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