The Groove Music app continues to evolve bit by bit

Brad Stephenson

Groove Music App

The Groove Music app has just updated for PC and has brought some rather small changes to the Settings menus which has been streamlined quite a bit.
The previous app update for PC only came with “minor fixes and improvements” but several new features were added to Groove Music app on phones. Users were finally given the ability to pin their favorite artists, albums, and playlists to Start for faster access and the app’s tile was upgraded to include images and information related to the music that was currently playing (a feature which other apps like Pandora had had for a while). Groove Music playlists on mobile were also improved slightly with added information given to show which songs were downloaded on the device and which were being streamed from the cloud.
Naturally, Groove Music for phones is only available for those users running preview versions of the Windows 10 operating system on their phones as part of Microsoft’s Insiders program which is used to test the OS and its new apps. Judging the mobile version of the Groove Music app too harshly isn’t really justified as it isn’t in its final form yet. The PC and Xbox One versions of Grove Music though have both been released to the public and are available for general use which is why it’s a little strange that the mobile version is getting more features than the two public ones. The Xbox One version is particularly barebones with very little functionality beyond its basic music playback features. With Windows 10 coming to Xbox One before the end of 2015 however, it’s possible we’ll see some long overdue updates soon.
Are you using a version of Groove Music? What improvements would you like to see in future updates? Sign off in the comments below.