The Fortnite Crew February 2022 outfit has leaked and it looks pretty cool

Brad Stephenson

Fortnite Crew Pack February 2022 Aftermath

The Fortnite video game received its first major update of 2022 last night on Xbox consoles, Windows PC, and all of its other supported platforms.

In addition to some changes to the main game’s map and gameplay missions, this update also included files relating to future content such as the February 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack which isn’t expected to unlock for Fortnite Crew subscribers until February 1st.

Twitter users GalaxifyX, GMatrixGames, and FNLeaksAndInfo were the first to find the Fortnite Crew February 2022 files which include a genuinely cool-looking outfit called Aftermath (see top image), a weapon wrap, a pickaxe, and back bling that appears to react to music and sound.

A closer look at the Aftermath outfit reveals evidence of an alternative style which removes the character’s hood and reveals a gold skull. This could be a hint at a possible tie to the popular Midas Fortnite character but nothing else has been revealed as of yet.

Epic Games will likely release a teaser trailer and character description for the Fortnite Crew February 2022 Pack either next week or the week after. The Crew Pack, as usual, will also come with 1,000 V-Bucks. Some other yet-to-be-announced bonus content will likely also be added at some point next month.

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