The Devil May Cry Holiday Bundle offers fantastic value for money

Microsoft is holding some pretty fantastic Xbox sales right now in different regions around the world. A fairly good variety of game titles and hardware have been significantly reduced in price, making now a fantastic time to jump into the Xbox ecosystem.
One of the best deals happening this week is the new release of the Devil May Cry Holiday Bundle which launched yesterday and contains two full Xbox One Devil May Cry titles in addition to a variety of downloadable content that unlocks characters, costumes, and entire game modes.
The games included are the Xbox One versions of DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition (which rebooted the franchise) and the remaster of Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. The DLC consists of DMC4SE - Unlock All Modes (which unlocks different modes in the second game), DMC4SE - Lady & Trish Costume Pack (which allows for some character customisations), and DMC4SE - Super Nero/Super Dante/Super Vergil (grants access to new playable characters).
The entire package itself is great value for money but Xbox Live Gold members also get almost 50% off the package price which will make it even more tempting for many gamers.
Have you found a good bargains this holiday season on Xbox? Let us know what you’ve bought in the comments below.
Buy the Devil May Cry Holiday Bundle on Xbox One

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