The Cloud and Surface help Microsoft bring in $24.5 billion in revenue for Q1 2018

Kareem Anderson

Windows Phone is dead, the company’s fitness-focused wristband has been axed and its streaming music service is no more, and Microsoft investors couldn’t be happier with the company.

Today, Microsoft released the results of its first quarter 2018 fiscal year earnings and the company’s core competencies are up across the board with the software giant seeing gains in its Intelligent Cloud Business revenue up 14% YoY to the tune of $6.9 billion. Microsoft’s Office division brought in a nice 10% YoY growth stat while the company’s Dynamic Products and Cloud Services sector saw their own 13% increase for the quarter.


Despite Microsoft’s More Personal Computing division remaining relatively flat (which, historically is a good thing) there were gains to be had for a few standout products. The recently laggy Windows division saw a modest 4% growth YoY for the quarter as well as the new billion dollar Surface division saw an increase of 12%, undoubtedly due to the release of the Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro release cycle.

Bringing up the rear was Microsoft’s Xbox division with a humble 1% increase YoY. With no new console on sale, revenue is sure to be hard to come by as the company looks to invigorate its smaller user base into more digital transactions.