Texas moves to the cloud, Office 365 gets a big lift in the lone star state

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In the largest state-wide deployment of email and collaboration services in the U.S., the Texas Department of Information Resources is adopting Office 365 for more than 100,000 employees.

Office 365

In an effort to streamline and improve the state’s communication and collaboration capabilities across agencies and to help better serve the needs of its citizens, the State of Texas is turning to Microsoft Office 365 (formerly known as Business Productivity Online Standard Suite). The move to the cloud will provide employees with web conferencing, real-time collaboration, document and calendar sharing, and reduce IT spending due to greater efficiency and increased capacity.

According to an article posted by Michael Donlan, Vice President of U.S. State and Local Government at Microsoft on the official Microsoft Blog, the adoption of Office 365 by Texas “will help maintain the state’s compliance posture and high standards for security and privacy.” And also explains that “several agencies, including the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Alcohol and Beverage Commission, Department of Insurance, Health and Human Services, and many others, require access to data that is subject to complex security and privacy regulations.”

The cost saving IT modernization strategy will allow jurisdictions at all levels within the State of Texas, including cities and counties, to take advantage of Office 365 services.

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