Test NBA Live 16's new Pro-Am Mode with Xbox One demo

If you are on the fence about whether to buy EA Sports' NBA Live 16 ($59.99), fortunately, there is a demo available for Xbox One that might help with that decision. The new demo allows you to play NBA Live 16's new Pro-Am mode. The Pro-Am mode features two new game sub-modes; Live Run and Summer Circuit.
Live Run allows you to play pick-up games with up to nine friends at outdoor courts around the US, like New York's Rucker Park and Los Angeles' Venice Beach. Michael Jordan's famed Jordan Terminal 23 is dedicated to New York Knicks phenom, Carmelo Anthony.

Summer Circuit is an online co-op mode to play two-on-two games against NBA stars at venues all over the US. NBA Live 16 added the Pro-Am mode to compete with 2K Sports' NBA 2K16's myPlayer mode, where gamers can create and customize their playable NBA star.
In NBA Live 16's Pro-Am mode, your player will earn skill points playing in Live Run and Summer Circuit game modes. Skill points can then be used to upgrade your skills, buy new gear, or decorate your player with an assortment of tattoos. Any player progression that you gain in the NBA Live 16 Pro-Am demo will carry over to the full NBA Live 16 game when it is released on September 29th for the Xbox One. As a reminder, EA Access members get an additional 10% off the retail price.
Download the NBA Live 16 Pro-Am demo
Buy NBA Live 16 ($59.99; $53.99 for EA Access members)

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