Smash hit sequel Temple Run 2 races onto Windows Phone 8


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Temple Run 2 races onto Windows Phone

Windows Phone has been landing more games these days — it’s good to see, and great for customers. Nabbing first-runs like the new Angry Birds Go is a huge deal for the Microsoft mobile platform. But not everything debuted there in the past, meaning some titles are only just arriving, better late than never. The latest example is the popular Indiana Jones-style jungle game, know as Temple Run — 2 in this case.

Sure, version one of the app has been in the store for sometime, but now customers get an early holiday gift, in the form of the new version of the endless runner game. You’ll be dodging poisonous snakes, ducking and jumping and generally feeling as if your life is in perpetual danger. Which it is. The game is an endless adrenaline rush that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what comes at you just around that next corner. Oh, and don’t slow down, or that ape is going to get you.

“It probably needs no introduction, but the sequel to one of the most popular endless runner games of all time offers a gorgeous new environment and new obstacles—everything from zip-lines and mine tracks to sharper turns, waterfalls, and bursts of flame. There’s a bigger, scarier monkey chasing you, too. But fear not: this Xbox title features plenty of power-ups to help you rise to the challenge”, says Michael Stroh of Microsoft.

The best part? It’s free. You’ll need Windows Phone 8, though that’s an increasingly smaller barrier for most customers. It’s also a 45 MB download — not huge, but also not particularly small. Now you have something to do over the holiday break.