Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season will get a conclusion after all

Kareem Anderson

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The saga surrounding the last chapter of Telltale’s titular Walking Dead franchise has been as rife with drama as the actual game in these last few months.

The on again, off again see-saw ride of development on Telltale’s Final Season of the Walking Dead may be coming to end according to a report from Skybound.

According to the publication, there has “been a ton of work logistically and legally,” needed to clear a path of development after Telltale effectively closed up shop and went out of business a few months ago. When news of Telltale’s massive employee layoffs hit the airwaves, questions about the company’s Walking Dead franchise and how the company planned to address the release of already developed Episodes 3 and 4 quickly arose.

Telltale delayed the release of the episodes and released several ambitious announcements of the studio’s intent to continue working on them sometime in the future.

Fortunately, for fans, the future is now, and a team of developers are currently working on delivering a finished product soon.

We’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today!

There is no other news regarding when it will be released, what team is actually working to conclude the game or where they plan to work while Telltale is transitioning out the industry.

For now, fans will just have to hold on to the silver lining that is the continued production of the Walking Dead’s Final Season. With the company seemingly out of business, there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to upsell current owners of Season Four.

For anyone who already purchased Season Four, Telltale says that “you will NOT have to pay again; future episodes will be available to download as soon as they are released via your original point of purchase.”