Telltale Games could be making Batman and Wolf Among Us sequels

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Telltale Games will be detailing their upcoming late-2017 game projects at Comic-Con this week and many have begun to speculate about what existing series could be getting sequels after some clues began to drop online.

One of the series is The Wolf Among Us which was a big hit when it launched several years ago but has never been given a sequel unlike other Telltale Games like The Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode. VG247 spotted a tweet by one of the game's actor which was replying to the Summer 2017 Update tweet which could mean The Wolf Among Us might be getting a sequel or spin-off.

Another game that could be getting a sequel is Telltale Games' Batman due to a recent listing in the New Zealand's Film & Video Labelling Body for a season pass called, Batman: The Enemy Within. No other information beyond the name was released.

More information on confirmed new Telltale Games series will be revealed over the coming days as well as more details on future chapters for current games like Minecraft: Story Mode and Guardians of the Galaxy.

What new Telltale Games series would you like to see announced?

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