Telegram Desktop app updates on Windows 11 and 10 with new security and GIF features

Brad Stephenson

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The official Telegram Desktop app updated for Windows 10 and Windows 11 today. This update brought the app up to Version 2.9.2 and mostly focused on bug fixes though also enabled shared GIFs history, a Two-Step Verification password reset option, and the ability to set message auto-deletion for one month in addition to the existing one week and one day options.

Here’s the full release notes:


  • Enable auto-delete in your chats to remove messages after 1 month (also 1 day or 1 week).


  • Quickly find all GIFs from a chat using the new GIF section in Shared Media.


  • Reset your Two-Step Verification password even if you forgot your old password and don’t have a recovery email.
  • To do this, you must be logged into your account. The reset takes 7 days and can be cancelled from any of your devices.


  • Enjoy a new app icon and default background.

This is Telegram’s second update for Windows users this month. Just last week, the chat app upgraded its audio and video features to enable 30 broadcasters and 1,000 video viewers in streams and an unlimited number of audio listeners.

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