Telegram Desktop app updates with improved censorship resistance on Windows 10

Brad Stephenson

Telegram Windows 10 Desktop App

The official Telegram app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets, Telegram Desktop, has updated to Version 1.3.

This update brings improvements to censorship resistance, better support for when working with a proxy server, and faster conversions of test to emoji when typing in a conversation. Here’s the official release notes.

  • Improved censorship circumvention.
  • Improved stability when working through proxy servers.
  • Save several proxy servers to quickly switch between them in Settings.
  • Use proxy for calls.
  • Emoji and text replacement now happens immediately after typing (instead of after sending) and can be rolled back using Backspace or CTRL/CMD + Z. Replacement no longer happens when pasting text.

Several new formatting shortcuts were also added to Telegram Desktop with this update.

  • CTRL/CMD + B/I for bold and italic
  • CTRL/CMD + K to create or edit a custom link
  • CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + M for monospace font
  • CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + N to clear formatting

Telegram is one of the biggest chat apps around right now and is particularly popular I tech circles. There are official Telegram apps on most platforms including the often neglected Windows phone.

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Telegram Desktop
Telegram Desktop
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