Telegram adds custom animated emoji packs and more Premium features

Brad Stephenson

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Telegram this week launched their open emoji platform which lets anyone upload their own custom images for use as emoji.

“The new animated emoji can be included in the text of messages and media captions, adding even more emotion to your chats,” the official announcement reads. “Premium users get access to 10 initial custom emoji packs, containing more than 500 Premium emoji – and countless more coming.”

As hinted above, while anyone can now upload custom emoji packs, only paying Telegram Premium users can currently use them when creating posts and messages. However, all Telegram users can use these custom emoji in Saved Messages for testing or note creation.

Speaking of Premium users, this week Telegram also rolled out some privacy settings for Premium users which allows them to control who sends them voice and video messages. It’s now also possible to gift Premium access to other users with a slight discount.

Telegram is an incredibly popular service that initially started out as a messaging app but now supports live-streaming, community groups, and public posts. Telegram recently surpassed the 700 million user milestone and shows little sign of slowing down.

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