TEKKEN 6, two more titles coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today

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The list of Xbox One Backward Compatible titles is always growing and today three more have joined the fray. Heading to the catalog this week is TEKKEN 6, Mutant Storm Empire, and Midway Arcade Origins. As always, we have included game descriptions, download links, and trailers for you below.


With over 34 million copies sold worldwide, TEKKEN is the #1 fighting game franchise.  The series appears on the Xbox 360 console for the first time with the latest installment, TEKKEN 6!  A large roster of unique characters, fast-paced action, a deep level of strategy, and the rich background story have all helped make the TEKKEN series the top in its genre. TEKKEN 6 has the largest character roster to date, Online VS Battle, and other new content created for the home version. Use the improved, more in-depth character customization options to customize your favorite characters and face off against rivals online!

Mutant Storm Empire:

Ready to challenge the full might of the evil emperor’s minions? Upgrade to the full version now for sixteen levels of ever-increasing excitement and cheerful mayhem, alone or with a buddy. It’s time to start the frenzy!

Midway Arcade Origins:

Midway Arcade Origins delivers the ultimate arcade experience with more than 30 classic games from the arcade golden age. Players can enjoy their favorite genre defining Midway titles now with local co-op multiplayer, achievements, and Leaderboard support.

Which of these titles do you currently own? Are you looking forward to more Xbox 360 games joining the Backward Compatibility list in the future? As always, please do drop us a comment to let us know your thoughts!

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