Teens pessimistic about future of online safety, study says

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Back last month, Microsoft published a study which found that 40% of US teens have received hurtful messages online. The company is now continuing this push in regards to online safety and is highlighting the preliminary results of another major online study.

The study, titled, “Civility, Safety and Interaction Online – 2016" polled youth in ages 13-17 and adults aged 18-74 in 14 different countries about 17 different online risks. Overall, preliminary results of the study find that 44% of those polled experienced online sexual threats or knew of instances among family and friends. Additionally, 58% of youth in the poll said they met their offenders in person compared to 43% of adults.  Lastly, the study also finds that 43% of all respondents themselves had been the target of unwelcome contact at some point.  According to Microsoft, that percentage raised to 63 percent when unwanted contact toward an individual respondent is considered.

Jacqueline BeauchereMicrosoft's Chief Online Safety Officer explained that Microsoft has "chosen to make this preliminary release, featuring data about teens in the back-to-school timeframe to remind young people about the need for smart, safe and respectful online habits at home, at school and on the go." You can learn more about the study by reading the Microsoft on the Issues blog post.

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