Techno music and colors show Cricket World Cup searches in a new Power Map video

Cricket world cup power map

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports and fan bases clamor to the internet to find any information about their teams during the Cricket World Cup. A Bing program manager named Donald Brinkman made a Power Map using Microsoft Excel to show searches that went on during the major sporting event.

Power Maps are a powerful tool, and a free add on to Microsoft Excel or included in Office 365 ProPlus, for viewing data in a dynamic way. In Donald’s video they are especially dynamic because of the techno beat that would make the video fit right in at a popular night club. They show the ebbs and flows of nations’ citizens searching for their team throughout the Cricket World Cup.

Usually Bing uses major events to advertise itself as a search engine, and this event was no different with Bing accurately predicting 83% of matches, but with this Power Map a program manager from Bing showed off one of the more useful features available to  Microsoft Excel.

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