Tech-savvy singles are happy to bare all online

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Social dating website reveals 51% of single women and 44% of single men have sent saucy pictures of themselves to others they met online

London, UK, January 18, 2011 – Ever sent a rude, nude or naughty photo to someone you shouldn’t have? Don’t feel so bad. According to a survey of UK singles, commissioned on behalf of the world’s largest social dating community Zoosk, you are not alone! Although dating may seem daunting to many people, this poll showed that UK singles are not shy in coming forward when it comes to digital communication. The survey found that 51% of single women and 44% of single men have, at one point or another sent a naughty picture of themselves to someone else. And of those who haven’t, almost a third (30%) said they wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

The survey also found that almost half (43%) of UK singles are comfortable to share other personal information about their love life on the internet. 47% of men and 36% of women think it’s acceptable. Their reasoning is that it is ‘social’ media after all.

Whilst UK consumers are pretty cutting edge when it comes to social media habits, some old habits are preferred over modern behaviour. Given the choice, 63% of UK singles would choose a traditional book over an e-reader, and contrary to popular belief, we’re not a nation obsessed by Facebook. 60% percent of those surveyed actually thought it was ‘cool’ not to have a Facebook account as they don’t want to follow the crowd. The majority of singles think that while the internet is great for meeting and connecting with people, there is no substitute for real life relationships. 67% of men and women both agreed that you can have commitment without announcing on Facebook that you are ‘in a relationship’.

The survey also discovered that we prefer text to email, IM, or Twitter, with 50% of women and 35% of men choosing this form of communication. 30% respondents chose the good old fashioned phone as their preferred method of communication, while less than 1% chose Twitter.

“Regardless of how people communicate, it seems clear that those looking for love know that keeping in contact is key to building a good relationship,” commented Alex Mehr, CEO of Zoosk. “It’s no surprise that people prefer online and digital communications – we know from experience how much easier it can be for young love to blossom this way – but it’s a delight to see so many people still picking up the phone.”

When it comes to potential partners Zoosk found that UK singles pick and choose their partners carefully. The majority of singles (49%) reported they dated between 1-3 people in 2010, while 35% of singles dated no one last year. Perhaps all the good matches had been taken by the 1% who had dated 15 or more people in 2010. The survey also found that when it comes to celebrity crushes we still fancy those celebrities who seem to be timelessly attractive. Women voted for Brad Pitt and George Clooney with their chiselled cheekbones and rugged good looks, while men voted for womanly beauty Angelina Jolie and the curvaceous Megan Fox.

With the New Year set to be the busiest time for online dating, UK singles are looking forward to 2011 and are optimistic about finding love. The survey showed three out of four (73%) singles are hopeful that they will find love in 2011, which shows many are thinking New Year, new start.

Zoosk’s Tips for Finding Love Online in 2011


Having a positive outlook will get you more dates. No one likes to be around a negative person. This principle applies equally in the online world of dating as much as it does in the real world. Any hint of negativity on your online dating profile can really kill the mood with a prospective match. Negativity and its kin: sarcasm, pessimism, abrasiveness or self-deprecation should be used cautiously and sparingly, or better yet not at all. Rid your online dating profile of any negative elements and give it a boost with signs of positivity instead. Here are some ideas:

– Talk about things you love and that make you happy
– Discuss your goals for the future
– Write about your relationship hopes
– Let your sense of humor shine
– Get your friends to write great testimonials for you

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