TeamViewer launches Blizz, providing secure team collaboration with Office integration

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TeamViewer has released their newest service, which aims to help employees of small-to-medium sized companies put together online meetings. The service is called Blizz by TeamViewer and promises to be a “critical element of [TeamViewer’s] strategy.” The service integrates with Office, and lets users enjoy a unique “no log-in required” experience.

Here’s the laundry list of features that TeamViewer offered for Blizz:

  • Start meetings instantly: via a web-interface at®, users can either start or join a meeting. This effortless, no-sign-in required process distinguishes Blizz by TeamViewer from leading competitors.

  • Secure chat functionalities: a real contact list and a unique Microsoft Office integration. Additionally, the sophisticated cross-company presence indicator lets users recognize whether a contact is online. That way, spontaneous meetings can be set up. This allows for instant synchronization between two users; for instance when the editing of a Microsoft Outlook email message raises questions that need to be discussed in private.

  • Meetings with up to 300 participants: users can scale their plan per their needs. The software is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS to stress TeamViewer’s guiding principle of supplying solutions that bridge existing gaps between different platforms. The app is available at

  • Dial in via a telephone line: In addition to the connection via the app, participants can also dial in to a conference via a conventional telephone line. To allow for that, TeamViewer provides domestic dial-in numbers for over 30 countries:

  • HD video calls: Blizz by TeamViewer allows for a brilliant video experience by supporting full high definition.

  • Multiple plans: Business users can choose from three plans with different functionalities. Blizz by TeamViewer comes with a clear and transparent pricing structure that guarantees predictable expenses without hidden extras. More information about the pricing is available at: Private users may use the program free of charge.

  • Blizz by TeamViewer relies on proven TeamViewer standards: online meetings are end-to-end encrypted and can be recorded on the presenter and/or the organizer’s device. Additional security features include: Two Factor Authentication and Trusted Devices. Two Factor Authentication adds an additional security layer to protect Blizz accounts from unauthorized access. In addition to both username and password, the user must enter a second code for authentication. Therefore the code is only valid for a short period of time. Trusted Devices is a preventive measure to ensure the account’s security, users need to authorize every new device on which they sign in to their account for the first time.

Up until now, TeamViewer has viewed their service as something that was mostly just used by IT professionals. With the launch of Blizz, they hope to open the doors to a broader future that embraces everyone that’s trying to put together meetings.

You can download Blizz and read a bit more about the service through its website, where just about all of the pertinent information is listed.

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