Microsoft Teams apps are coming to, and the Windows Office app, too

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s newest enterprise chat and communications platform is being fully integrated into the family of Office 365 as its apps soon will come bundled inside of and the portal app for Windows. For some time, Teams has seemingly run parallel with Microsoft’s Office 365, as its own productivity platform that handpicked features and integrations from Office to support itself.

However, it appears the reverse is happening and will further comingle Teams and Office in both appearance and functionality. An updated Microsoft 365 roadmap points to apps built for Teams are now being enabled to run in and the Office app for Windows.

Office Apps Teams

Simply put, Teams is sharing with and the Office portal apps that have been directly developed for Teams, which will allow users to use apps such as Trello, Viva, Wiki, PowerBI, Stream, GitHub, Power Automate, Poll Everywhere, and even YouTube all from within or the Office portal on Windows.

As of now, there isn’t a set number on the apps being ported over from Teams and any specificity to the type that may show up on or Office for Windows, but previews of the proposed functionality are scheduled to go out next month.