Teachers celebrated for using Microsoft products during 2012 Global Forum Educator Awards


During the Microsoft annual Global Forum Educator Awards held at Prague Castle this year, Microsoft celebrated with five teachers who were selected as the five most innovative educators in the world. There were 21 winners during the event and more than 250,000 teachers registered across national and regional forums this year.

“We can’t educate tomorrow’s leaders with tools and practices from the past. We must continue to invest in the development of enhanced learning environments that lead to better outcomes. We are honored to recognize these amazing professionals for the work they do every day to enrich the educational experiences of children around the world,” Microsoft’s Anthony Salcito stated. He is the VP of Worldwide Education for Microsoft. The first place winner is a teacher from Birmingham Covington School, who allowed students to use Microsoft Office, Photosynth, Publisher and MovieMaker among other things to complete a project. The second place winner is a teacher from the Washington State School for the Blind and this teacher lives more than 100 miles away from the school grounds and utilized videoconferencing and Lync to teach her classes. The third place winner is a teacher from Roosevelt Community Middle School who allowed her students to use Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and video editing software to research and create a “TODAY” style news program with news, weather, sports, cooking, lifestyle, history and music segments. Microsoft lists these winners and one of the things they have in common is the use of Microsoft products. You can read more about these schools and how they utilized Microsoft products to enhance teaching by visiting the source link below.