Tarzan Unleashed is yet another endless runner game for Windows 8.1

Hammad Saleem

Tarzan Unleashed

There are plenty of endless runner games on almost every single operating system, whether it be a smartphone or Windows. If you’re looking for something new in the same genre for Windows 8.1, take a look at Tarzan Unleashed where you will run as the king of the jungle.

You can play as Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta and many other characters. You would recognize these names if you ever watched the popular Tarzan cartoon. It is yet another endless runner game where your task is to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles, jump through the treetops, avoid wild animals, debris and more. You can even try your skills against other players as the game comes with a multiplayer mode as well, giving users the ability to race with up to four players.

“Race with Tarzan, the original jungle king, in this thrilling Endless Runner! Swing on vines, jump over perilous pitfalls, dodge wild animals, and collect power-ups. Play as Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta, and more as you dash through dense jungles, treetops, and the savannah of Africa! Can you go the distance? Challenge your friends to see who can last the longest in the treacherous African jungles! In multiplayer mode, race together with up to four players! Use power-ups like the Sand Storm, Power Shield, or Lightning Bolt to take the lead,” the app description reads.

Here’s the complete list of features the game comes with:

  • Run through the untamed African jungles with the original superhero, Tarzan of the Apes!
  • Swing through the treetops and over beautiful, but treacherous waterfalls!
  • CollectT fruit, trophies, power-ups, and upgrades!
  • Dodge fallen debris, lumbering elephants, bounding gazelles, dangling snakes, and more!
  • Race with up to four players in multiplayer mode!

Head over to the Windows Store and download the game. It runs for $1.99 in the Windows Store.