Tapatalk for Windows Phone gets bumped to 2.0, comes with new design and features

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Tapatalk for Windows Phone gets bumped to 2.0, new design and a ton of new features

Tapatalk 2.0 for Windows Phone has just hit the Windows Phone Store and it comes packed with a host of new features along with a brand new redeisgn. Tapatalk runs your favorite forum into a native Windows Phone experience.

“Discover and stay connected to your favorite online communities on-the-go with the award-winning Tapatalk mobile app, now for Windows Phone. Tapatalk is the only social app that combines 50,000+ internet forums in a streamlined mobile experience,” the app description reads.

Version 2.0 of the app brings forth a complete user interface redesign, along with a tutorial process for new users. The app features push notification support, along with the addition of a new feed section that displays quick updates from all the forums you participate on. The app also supports Tapatalk ID Single Sign On, along with a built in image editor and configurable font size in the post view.

There is now unlimited Tapatalk image hosting, as well as the ability to open topics and posts from the web browser. You can now share topics and posts too. There is also a transparent tile for Windows Phone 8.1!

The update also fixes various bugs and improves performance. Hit the download link below to snag the updated app. It’s free!

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