Talking Ginger is your personal virtual cat, available now on Windows PC and tablets

Talking Ginger comes to Windows PC and tablets

The Windows Phone game, Talking Ginger, has found its way to Windows PC and tablets. The virtual pet game bares more than a striking resemblance to Microsoft’s Kinectimals series and revolves around interacting with the virtual cat, Ginger by poking and tickling him, getting him ready for bed, cleaning him and mini-games like bubble blowing and jigsaw puzzles.

Talking Ginger also allows users to record videos of Ginger and it can use the device’s mic to capture the user’s voice and mimic it in a cute voice. Bizarrely, the Windows PC version of the game seems to be an exact copy of the Windows Phone version with no change to the game’s aspect ratio. Instead the sides of the screen have been simply filled in with a solid color, making the only benefit to playing on a PC or tablet the slightly larger screen size.

The game is free though features a combination of contextual advertising, links that direct users to websites and other apps as well as in-app purchases to support the development team. Here’s the official description:

Little Talking Ginger needs your help! Help him get ready for bed and have fun along the way! Ginger provides the best company – talk to him, tickle him and play games with him. You can even see what he’s dreaming about at night! Enjoy your time with the little kitten, record videos of your fun time together and share them online!

Talking Ginger appears to be a game you’ll either love or hate depending on what sort of gaming you like to do on your devices. It’s currently averaging around three and a half stars on the Windows Phone Store and four stars on the Windows Store. Have you played it yet? Are you planning to? Let us know in the comments.

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