Take Minecraft everywhere you go with Gameband for Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the most universal games – it can be found everywhere, from PC to mobile, TV to games console. Children and adults alike across the world play hundreds of thousands of hours each week through this gaming phenomenon.

One issue that has plagued players of the game, though, is the inability to take a world from one PC to another with ease. For example, if a player had an amazing world on their PC at home but then went to a friends house, they wouldn’t have their world with them. Gameband aims to solve this.

Gameband for Minecraft will keep each world with you, wherever you go. The way it works is quite simple:

  • A user will plug it into their PC and it will sync all the Minecraft data to the band, such as worlds, mods, resource packs and server IPs
  • Plug it into another PC and it will move that data to that PC and open Minecraft, with the latest version
  • Play!

Just in case, all the data is also stored on cloud servers which are run by Gameband, so data won’t be lost.

The band itself also comes with a neat feature – PixelFurnace – which allows users to customise the display of their band, such as changing the LEDs and animations. It also comes pre-loaded with some adventure maps from popular servers such as Hypixel, while also being built to last with it being splashproof, durable black TPU and a stainless steel clasp.

It is available in the United Kingdom via Amazon Launchpad (£29.99) and in the United States via Amazon Launchpad ($19.97, on sale):

Amazon Launchpad UK

Amazon Launchpad US

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