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During a demo at Gamescom 2013 recently, Microsoft showcased the Xbox One and revealed the user interface in its Beta form. We already know that the console is set to receive several exclusive game titles and a release date of November, but what does the user interface look like?

According to the guys over at PocketLint, the main user interface of the Xbox One makes navigating easier and as simple as possible. Voice recognition will be important in the way you interact with the console. The interface of the new Xbox One is similar to Windows 8, with tiles. "In appearance it isn't a million miles away from what the Xbox 360 UI is like at present. In fact, anybody who has been using Windows 8 and not reverting to desktop mode will find it all very familiar. That's all done on purpose, of course, and helps unify a family of devices with a common aesthetic, and we have been fond of the latest 360 front end for a while, so all is good there," the report adds.

The Kinect will figure out who you are right away and adapts the home screen to your preference, including your settings and save games. Microsoft revealed not that long ago that you could have the console record the last 30 seconds in 720p video, and all you have to do is say, "Xbox record that."

Screenshots of the new user interface were prohibited at this time, but suffice it to say, the interface resembled Windows 8. So if you thought that Modern/Metro Start screen interface was going away, think again. We are sure to hear more about the interface as the console's release date nears. In the mean time, we recommend heading over to the source link to read more about PocketLint's experience in playing with the new interface.

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