Take cover! The Avengers are after your Windows PC and smartphone

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Take cover! The Avengers are after your Windows PC and smartphone

If you aren’t familiar with the Avengers then you simply are not keeping up with popular culture. The Marvel series of movies depicting the superheroes, both alone and as a team, are proven blockbuster hits. Now the Hulk and Captain America are on a collision course with your devices, but don’t worry — they are coming in peace, wanting to play as opposed to destroying your expensive gadgets.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc announced today that he is “pretty excited about today’s news that the Avengers Initiative game is now available for Windows and Windows Phone.” The game is set to retail for $4.99 on both phone and tablet, and features HD graphics. Consumers will be able to customize both Captain American and the Hulk in exclusive costumes and even unlock additional super powers during game play.

“In Avengers Initiative, you can play as either Captain America or the Hulk to round up a super-powered villains like Wendigo, Abomination, The Kronan, and The Skrulls who have escaped from The Vault,” LeBlanc states. From there, players follow Hulk to round up escapees and take Captain America on a secret mission. Details about all of this can be found within the announcement.

You can grab either the Windows or Windows Phone version right now. As LeBlanc puts it — “the storyline sounds awesome. If you’re looking for some Marvel Universe fun – download the game today and start rounding up bad guys.” Now the onus is on you to prepare for the challenge.

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