Take a look at the engineering behind the Surface Duo in this new video

Arif Bacchus

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Duo Engineering

Being as thin as it is, and featuring a 360-degree hinge, the Surface Duo is quite a unique dual-screen device. That often means most people appreciate the Surface Duo from just the outside alone. However, in a new video from Microsoft Mechanics, Vineet Thuvara, Senior Director of Program Management for the Surface team talks about all the engineering behind the Surface Duo.

In the roughly 11 minutes long video, there are various segments that are quite intriguing for those who want to learn more about the device. To begin, Thuvara dives deeper into all of the Microsoft firsts for the Surface Duo: That includes the displays, the hinge, as well as the Android software. Microsoft then talks about the dual-screen experiences, as well as the device postures.

At around the 4 minutes and 53 seconds mark, meanwhile, Microsoft gets into the engineering challenges with the Duo, such as its thickness, topology, and making it posture aware. Thuvara then moves to talk about battery life, hinge design, and how companies can manage and secure Duo devices. It’s here where we learn more about how the Duo’s hinge feature 4 custom micro gears, offset idlers, and cabling with strands that is as thin as a human hair.

Considering that most reviewers have praised the Surface Duo hardware, it’s great to see that Microsoft is able to open up and talk more about the science behind the Duo. Did you find the video interesting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.