Taco Bell offers 14 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when you buy a $5 box

Dave W. Shanahan

xbox one x giveaway

Taco Bell is offering its customers 14 days of Xbox Game pass Ultimate when they buy a $5 Double Chalupa Box using the Taco Bell app or through tacobell.com. The newest promotion was discovered by Wario64 on Twitter.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14-day free trial is being offered as an added bonus to the Xbox One X Eclipse Bundle Giveaway by Taco Bell. At least now, Taco Bell customers who buy the $5 Double Chalupa Box will be getting something other than just a free code to try to win an Xbox One X. As you can see from the tweet if you sign up for recurring billing, you will get an extra free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, making it a great deal. While some Twitter responses note that the additional 30 days doesn’t work if you’re already enrolled in Xbox Game Pass recurring billing, Wario64 provides a workaround: “Turn off recurring billing. Redeem code and opt-in to turn on recurring billing.”

This new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Giveaway ends November 23, 2019. Get the Taco Bell app and buy a $5 Double Chalupa Box to get your free Xbox One X code and free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free trial today.

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‎Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery