T-Mobile updates its app for Windows phones with refreshed UI and more

Arif Bacchus

When you own a mobile phone with a cellular provider such as T-Mobile, it’s always good to have an official app to help you check the status of your data plan, payments, and much more. It is fitting then that T-Mobile has just rolled out an update for their Windows phone app, bringing a refreshed UI and more to the app experience (via Windows Central)

Thanks to the update the Windows phone app is now up to par with the iOS and Android counterpart, complete with the T-Mobile-themed magenta color scheme. Additionally, the update also brings the interface and the design up to par with the iOS and Android versions of the app for more cross-platform consistency.

And so, if you’re currently using the T-Mobile app on your Windows phone, be sure to head over to the Windows Store and press that update button! However, even if you’re not using the app, and are a T-Mobile customer, we have done you a favor and have included a download link for the app below.

Developer: T-Mobile USA
Price: Free

Writer’s Note: The app is currently unavailable for some, and so if you don’t see the app or update in the store at first, don’t be alarmed.