T-Mobile claims victory over Sprint for the 3rd largest US wireless carrier

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T-mobile claims victory over sprint for the 3rd largest us wireless carrier

We love our smartphones and whether you are on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone the worst thing about your phone may be the wireless carrier. High prices, restrictive contracts, and fees galore can quickly make our most used gadget a headache. T-Mobile has capitalized on consumers disdain for wireless carriers and declared themselves the uncarrier, they will buy out your contract with AT&T or Verizon and let you bring your own phone. This idea of encouraging consumers to own their smartphone outright has been growing with the rise of decent budget smartphones like the Lumia 521.

Now T-Mobile has announced their plans have paid off and recent growth and acquisition of MetroPCS puts T-Mobile ahead of Sprint into the spot of third largest wireless (un)carrier in the US. Subscriber numbers for both companies hover around 55 million but T-Mobile is convinced they are in the lead. In the next month or so it should become more clear who third place belongs to. The more distant future will be interesting to see if other carriers offer more flexible plans to keep their subscribers from fleeing to T-Mobile.

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