SysApp Pusher, Fhotoroom, Maps and TrueCaller updated with bug fixes and enhancements

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Fhotoroom for Windows Phone

While everyone is busy with the CES 2014, we should not forget that Windows Phone app developers are working hard to make sure their applications are free of bugs. Today, a bunch of applications received updates, including SysApp Pusher, Truecaller, Maps, and Fhotoroom. 

SysApp Pusher is a nifty little application that helps users check for vendor exclusive applications. Recently, the application received an update bumping it to version and comes as a minor update with a few bug fixes.

Secondly, Fhotoroom also got bumped to version 9.9 and introduces a new fade filter, along with a bunch of bug fixes. In case you can’t recall, Fhotoroom is not just a mobile-based photo editor, but a pro camera and a photo sharing network as well. The application give users the ability to edit their photos and share them with the Fhotoroom community, as well as SkyDrive, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in a very easy way.

TrueCaller, an application that lets users find information about unknown numbers, also received an update bumping it to version 2.9.3, and comes with improved search and application performance. In addition, the latest version also fixed some bugs that crashes the application.

Lastly, Maps also received an update, but no changelog is available at the moment. 

Head over to the Windows Phone Store using the links below, and snag the applications for your Windows Phone handset.

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