Synaptics shows off new Windows 8 Multi-touch ClickPad

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, and with the Developer Preview well underway, companies have been designing hardware specifically for the operating system. Today, Synaptics demoed an upcoming Multi-touch click pad, working on Windows 8.

Synaptics, in a press release today said: “The preferred MetroUX touchscreen experience will utilize a Synaptics TouchPad for fast and fluid navigation, replacing the standard keyboard and mouse that users experience with a typical touchpad.”

In a video demo, the company shows of the compatibility with Windows 8, and explains how the operating systems see’s the click pad as a touchscreen, therefor enabling the user to use Windows 8 as if it was on a touchscreen. It is all done without even touching the screen.

This is pretty good for those clean freaks who hate finger marks on their screens, and for those who easily get arm pains when using a touchscreen. The click pad will allow up to 10 touch points and will be compatible with Windows 8.

There has not been any news on what notebooks will be using this new click pad, but we can expect to see them when Windows 8 launches sometime next year.

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