Symantec warns of Windows malware affecting connected Android devices

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Symantec warns of Windows malware affecting connected Android devices

Yeah, yeah… we’re a predominantly Microsoft related site here, but we can’t deny that there’s other kit out there. In fact, with Android remaining the most popular mobile operating system, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re packing a phone or tablet powered by Google’s OS. If you’re connecting this device to your Windows PC, Symantec is warning that you need to take care.

The security specialists are warning users to be aware malicious software that works in a slightly different way to most other mobile-enabled malware that is encountered. In the case of Trojan.Droidpak, the malware sits quietly on a Windows PC, and once an Android device is plugged in, it will attempt to infect the device by downloading a malicious APK.

The malware then seems to be targeting victims in particular parts of the world. If it detects the presence of Korean online banking apps, the victim will be prompted to uninstall the real app and encouraged to install a fake version — presumably with the intension of diverting funds.

So what can you do to keep yourself protected? Don’t use Android, you say? Good one. There’s no need to take quite that drastic a step. Instead, Symantec recommends that you disable USB debugging mode on your mobile device as well as ensuring that you have reliable — and updated — malware protection installed.

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