Swordy promises to bring a new definition of mayhem to Xbox One

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Swordy promises to bring a new definition of mayhem to xbox one

Game developer Frogshark showcased Swordy at [email protected] event at GDC 2015. Swordy is an upcoming game for Xbox One where there is no button to push to attack someone. Swordy arms players with swords, sticks, and other melee weapons to battle it out with up to 8 local players on the Xbox One. You can spin your player around and use centrifugal force to hurl your player into someone else or run headlong into them to duel. You must build momentum and crash into another player to try and take them out.

While Swordy's graphics may not be as realistic as other games, Swordy's arena-type gameplay sure seems like it will be a worthwhile game to play with your friends or as a fun group game you can play at a party. Frogshark promises that there will be much more updates, tweaks, and levels to come, when Swordy is released to Xbox One later this year.

So, check out the video below to check out what Swordy is all about, and look for Swordy when it is released, sometime this year.

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