It will soon be easier to switch between multiple accounts in Microsoft 365 online apps

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft 365 Banner

If you work for multiple organizations that use Microsoft 365, and you also use the service for personal reasons, you might understand the pain of having different accounts. This is because Microsoft only lets you use one account on Microsoft 365 on the web apps at a time. Yet that might soon change as the Redmond giant  is now finally working on account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps (via Neowin.)

This new feature is targeted for an April 2022 general release, and currently has the feature ID tag of 70801. It’ll hit all users worldwide, and Microsoft hopes that this will allow users to “seamlessly switch between the accounts without having to sign out and sign back in again.” on the same browser.

Microsoft wasn’t clear on where the account switcher will appear, but it’s likely that it’ll be right where your profile icon is at the top right side of the screen. We’re sure there are a lot of people who might appreciate this, as it means workarounds like using multiple profiles in Edge or other browsers will no longer have to be used. So, let us know if you’re excited about this feature by dropping us a comment below.