Swiss mobile operator Swisscom plans updates from Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile on Jan 19

Mark Coppock

Windows 10 Mobile 10581

You can’t visit a Microsoft-centric Web site without tripping over someone waiting (im)patiently for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade on their Windows Phone 8.1 device. That’s why we’re always excited to see more indications that some carrier somewhere will be pushing the update to their customers. This morning, it’s Swiss mobile operator Swisscom who’s given some hints as to when Windows 10 Mobile might start flowing.

The info comes via Facebook, where a kind customer service rep indicated a January 19, 2016 go-live date for the Windows 10 Mobile rollout. Via

Swisscom Windows 10 Mobile Facebook Comment

Of course, this is all unofficial, and with all such rumors should be taken with an iceberg-sized grain of salt. But nevertheless, we remain hopeful, just as we do that Windows 10 Mobile will roll out here in the U.S. and potentially elsewhere starting later today. We’re just optimistic that way.