Swiftkey on Android gets a useful new swipe to delete gesture

Arif Bacchus

Swiftkey on Android’s latest update is introducing a set of new features. As spotted by Neowin, there’s now a new swipe to delete gesture, as well as a new typing setting for disabling auto spaces.

Available in the latest version (,) you’ll find that the new swipe to delete gesture is turned on by default. With it, you can swipe to the left when holding on the delete key to select text to delete, and then remove your finger to delete that text. This is like the trick where you can run your finger along the spacebar button to select text. The other new feature lets you disable the ability to insert spaces with punctuation, useful for you folks who don’t like the feature.

Screenshot 20220506 110232

In our tests so far we’ve found that this new swipe to delete feature is hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Either way, it is much appreciated, as it makes typing faster and efficient, on top of the existing flow feature that lets you move your fingers between letters by sliding. You can find the settings under the Typing section of the Swiftkey app if you do want to customize it or turn it off.

Check out the feature now by downloading the app update via the link below. And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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