SwiftKey on Android now lets you set Google as its search engine

Jack Wilkinson

SwiftKey is Microsoft’s own keyboard-alternative for Android. It allows users to replace their default keyboard with Microsoft’s own, providing a unique set of customisation options and a different feel, to suit different tastes.

Towards the end of last year, Microsoft added the ability to natively search the web from within SwiftKey’s keyboard. When the feature launched, users could only search using Bing, the company’s own search engine. This caused a bit of bad taste amongst SwiftKey’s users who prefer Google for searching the web.

Luckily for those who do prefer Google over Bing, Microsoft has quietly released a new update to SwiftKey that adds the option to change the search engine.

SwiftKey Search Engine settings
Via Android Police

Currently, only Google and Bing are able to be selected. For those who prefer other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, may still be disappointed by the lack of search engine customisability, particularly when Google’s Chrome browser lets you select many of the large and lesser-known search engines.

It is not clear if this feature is being rolled out to all users, or if it’s only available in certain regions at this time. But be sure to keep an eye on the latest app updates to make sure you get the latest features.

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
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