SwiftKey Keyboard for Android gains Chinese handwriting and more in latest update

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Microsoft has updated their SwiftKey Keyboard for Android devices this week with the keyboard now supporting handwritten Chinese characters (hanzi), extra support for Sinhala & Dhivehi, and the new addition of Bislama, Lower Sorbian, Nuosu, Limburgish, Silesian, Venetan, and Makhuwa languages. There's also been a small change to formatting which will allow gifs to show across three columns on bigger smartphones or tablets. Here's the official release notes:

Support for Chinese handwriting

GIFs will display in 3 columns on larger devices

We've added the following languages: Bislama, Lower Sorbian, Nuosu, Limburgish, Silesian, Venetan & Makhuwa

Transliteration support for Sinhala & Dhivehi

Are you a fan of the SwiftKey Keyboard? Do you like these changes? Let us know in the comments.

Microsoft swiftkey keyboard
Microsoft swiftkey keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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