SwiftKey beta unleashes AI image generation and supports Material You theming

Priya Walia

Swiftkey for Android

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Microsoft continues to innovate with the latest update to its popular SwiftKey keyboard app. Android users can now enjoy even more lively and personally tailored conversations thanks to the integration of Bing AI Image Creator, powered by DALL-E.

In a recent update to the Google Play Store, Artem Russakovskii, the founder of Android Police, spotted the new addition to SwiftKey’s features. It seems Microsoft is aiming to make conversations richer for SwiftKey Beta users. It’s a boon for anyone fervently seeking the perfect emoji, GIF, or image that expresses just the right sentiment.

In addition to this integration, SwiftKey Beta also delivers customization for your keyboard. Leveraging the charms of Material You—a design language developed by Google—for devices running Android 12 and up, users are to expect a more aesthetic keyboard appearance.

The keyboard’s theme will now automatically adjust to match the tones of the home screen wallpaper, providing a smooth and visually appealing experience. But it’s not just the visual aspects the update offers.

In terms of textual expression, Microsoft has added a feature called the ‘Tone’ tab. This allows users to modify typed sentences to fit particular styles. It’s an innovative way to express emotions through text, making written conversations more engaging and emotionally intertwined.

Additionally, the beta version of SwiftKey for Android now includes the Microsoft Editor tool as an optional feature. This tool can auto-correct as many as 500 words concurrently, significantly cutting down the volume of spelling errors or awkwardly phrased text messages and emails.

Although the updates are only available to SwiftKey Beta users currently, they are expected to roll out to all users in due time. We would love to hear if you are eager to test these advanced features – please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via Android Police