Sweet’N’Roll is an addictive, unique, and beautiful puzzle game for Windows 8.1

Sweet'N'Roll for Windows

Everyone needs time to relax their mind, and playing games is one of the best way to do it. If you’re a  Windows 8/8.1 user looking for a simple way to pass time, and test your puzzle-solving skills, take a look at Sweet’N’Roll for Windows. Sweet’N’Roll requires users to collect all the candies in a given level to progress.

“Pete, a cute little creature, cannot live a day without something tasty! Unfortunately, he has already eaten all the candies he had. Now he needs to travel around the magical world of the sweets to find his favorite candies. Join him on his exciting trip and help him eat as many goodies as possible,” the app description reads.

The application comes with more than 100 challenging levels to test your puzzle-solving skills, with four worlds full of candies, and other unique features to make sure you are glued to your seat. The faster you collect all the candies, the higher score you get during the game. However, let me warn you, it gets difficult as you move on with the game, and can get really addictive, especially when you’re stuck on a level.

Here’s a list of exciting features you can enjoy with Sweet’N’Roll:

  • More than 100 fascinating and challenging puzzle levels
  • Colorful and tasty art
  • 4 beautiful magical worlds with different gravitation and unique features
  • Adorable main character!

The game character reminds me of the popular game ‘Cut The Rope,’ a physics-based puzzle game for popular mobile operating systems, where your task is to collect all the candies to feed the hungry ‘Om Nom.’  If you’re addicted to puzzle games and looking to try something new, head over to the Windows Store using the link below to download the game for free.

Thanks for the tip, Steveo!

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