Swedish commercial for Windows 10 pokes fun at our addiction to touch screens

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Once you switch to a touchscreen laptop, it’s pretty hard to go back, right? That’s exactly what a recent Swedish commercial for Microsoft’s latest operating system has been emphasizing, and this is really one of the best Windows 10 ads we’ve ever seen (via Ads of the World)

The 37 seconds video titled "Windows 10 with touch - addictive" pokes fun at how the continued use of touch screens can create muscle memory for users, to a point where they try to tap, pinch and swipe on a mirror, a windows, a TV or even a book.

While the hyperbole is pretty fun, muscle memory is a definitely a real thing: if you use touch a lot on your PC, we bet that you already had the awkward experience of trying to touch the screen of computer that lacks a touchscreen, and be totally confused by it. Don't worry, you're not alone!

In many cases, using touch interactions can really be faster and more intuitive than using a mouse and keyboard, and we're glad that Microsoft made a big bet on touchscreen computers back in 2012. The controversial Windows 8 certainly received its fair share of criticism back in the day, but you can't deny that Windows 10 is now a much better hybrid operating system, with a better designed tablet mode and useful inking features for pen users. And if you still don't believe that touchscreen computers are the future after seeing Microsoft's gorgeous Surface Studio all-in-one PC, the 3D-focused Windows 10 Creators Update may well help you change your mind.

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