Sway gets QuickStarter, audio clip support, and new styles in latest updates

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Sway has been the ugly duckling of the Office family for quite a while. Its Windows 10 app is a web wrapper, it is barely known by regular users and it lacks a Windows 10 Mobile app. But that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. The Office blog announced yesterday that some new features are coming to the app.

Sway is now getting audio clip support, together with new styles and QuickStarter. The audio clip support is something users of the app have requested for quite a long time. Two years in fact. Now, it is finally here.

The audio clip feature will allow you to add audio files, in many different formats like WAV or MP3, from your OneDrive or local storage to your Sways and presentations. The new styles include multiple new designs and looks to give your sways more holistic and striking visual aesthetic.

Lastly, there is QuickStarter. QuickStarter is a tool that automatically helps you get started with your new project, and helps you choose the best settings for it, like in the image below:

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