Swatch is developing a Windows Phone compatible smartwatch

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Swatch is developing a windows phone compatible smartwatch

When it comes to smartwatches, you have very few options if you are a Windows Phone user. Android Wear devices only work with Android smartphones, and the Apple Watch is only going to work with iPhones. Sure, you could opt for a Fitbit that is technically compatible with Windows Phones, but feature support is very barebones. Your only real option is getting a Microsoft Band that are sold exclusively at Microsoft retail stores in the United States. Live outside the US? Well… sorry.

Good news is that watchmaker Swatch is working on a smartwatch that will be compatible with both Android and Windows Phone/Windows 10. This smartwatch will use NFC technology to communicate with a smartphone and will likely rely solely on a coin cell battery (or similar), eliminating the need for it to be charged. It will also be able to make mobile payments which is a trend slowly breaking its way into the mainstream.

According to Bloomberg, Swatch is looking to have this smartwatch ready within the next three months, and will potentially be available in multiple colors, as do many of Swatch’s current watches. We’ll know more details about availability, price, and additional features in the coming months, so stay tuned to WinBeta for that!

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