Survey by RightScale puts Azure in distant second to Amazon Web Services, but gaining

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It is no secret that, under the lead of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has doubled down in its efforts to become the world's number one in providing cloud solutions to businesses around the world. Whether this move will prove to be successful in the long-term is something that is impossible to predict, however analysis of the present state of Azure is eminently achievable.

According to a survey of over 900 corporate clients by the firm RightScale, 57% of companies that utilize the cloud do so through Amazon's web services. This represents an enormous lead over Azure, which tails at a mere 12%. This is despite constant promotion and investment on the part of Microsoft, in addition to the strong relationships it has built with many businesses over the years.


As ever, the situation was brought about by timing, or more accurately, 'Microsoft time'. Amazon simply got to the whole game years ahead of the competition, making the necessary moves and investments, and for this foresight they now ride the crest of a rising wave. Redmond on the other hand is playing catch-up once again, something that is becoming an increasing facet of its existence.

That isn't to say that all is lost however, indeed this is far from the case. The new focus on delivering improvements to its cloud service throughout the world has seen tangible results, the current share of 12% represents an increase from 6% from the previous year, doubling its presence year on year. 

There is therefore a striking opportunity for growth; provided that current momentum is continued. Hopefully Nadella's vision will pull through.

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