Surfy for Windows Phone receives a major update with new tab improvements and more

Surfy receives a major update with new tab improvements, features, and more

If you are looking for an alternative to the native Internet Explorer browser on your Windows Phone, Surfy may just be the right browser for you. Surfy’s latest update is pretty substantial bringing the version up to 5.13 with a bunch of new features and improvements to tab management and virtualization. Surfy also added many convenient ways of personalizing how you use the browser.

For those of us without an unlimited data plan, Surfy has your back. With Surfy, you can turn off images and Surfy remembers your images preferences for each website you visit. When you browse a lot of web pages, you consume a lot of app memory; Surfy’s new tab virtualization feature allows you to continue to browse without worrying about Surfy closing when the app runs out of memory. Surfy makes closing tabs easier than ever; to close a tab, simply double-tap the screen. Overall, there are a great number of welcome improvements to Surfy that I think many users will enjoy. 

Here is a list of other Surfy features and improvements in version 5.13:

  • Undo the closing of a tab using the ‘undo close tab’ menu item.
  • Close tab buttons can be hidden via the Advanced section of the Options screen.
  • New tab context menu items: close other tabs or duplication the current tab.
  • New darker gray theme color available for tab background.
  • Enhanced scroll bar.
  • Night Dimmer is now darker and with red light to reduce disruption to sleeping and melatonin levels.
  • Night Dimmer is now also present in the hub and launch pad.
  • Theme now includes darker gray for tab background.
  • Back and Forward navigation improvements.
  • Numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

 So head on over and download Surfy for free in the download link below. If you want double the amount of tabs you can have the paid version of Surfy for $1.99 in the download link below. 

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