Surfy app for Windows Phone brings along SD Card support in latest update

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Surfy app for Windows Phone brings along SD Card support in latest update

While Internet Explorer may be the default browser in Windows Phone 8, users can choose alternatives via the Windows Phone Store. One such alternative is Surfy, which just received a new update adding a few new features and improvements.

“Today Surfy, the popular web browser for Windows Phone 8, rolled out an update that provides support for moving downloaded files to the SD Card on your phone. In addition, version 3.9 now allows you to export any downloaded file to your phone’s Media Library. This is a boon for users as it makes file sharing and moving downloaded files so much easier, and according to Outcoder, the software company behind Surfy, it has been the most requested features in the app’s history,” a press release to Winbeta stated.

Surfy for Windows Phone adds advanced SD Card and Media Library export capabilities in version Surfy is touted as the most intuitive, feature rich, and fantastically simple web browser for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Here is the full change log for version 3.9:

  • Export downloaded files to your SD Card
  • Export any downloaded file to your phone’s Media Library
  • Improvements to password and form cache
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

“We receive emails from users requesting SD Card support every day,” said Daniel Vaughan, one of Surfy’s core team. “We were pleased that they [Microsoft] granted Outcoder restricted capabilities in order to make this happen.”

Hit the download link below to snag Surfy for Windows Phone!

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